Making an Internet Magazine about the Internet

Extremely Good Shit was an online magazine that asked cool internet personalities about what they loved online. We worked with artists, illustrators and creatives to give each issue more visual substance and depth. It started as a form of promotion for a product we were building. The product ultimately was killed, but the first issue had just been produced and we felt it was worth putting it out and seeing how people reacted. 

I was the lead on the project until my last day at Super Deluxe. I worked with artists, comedians, engineers, musicians, and journalists to create a unique perspective from people who influenced me and the people I worked with. We produced 6 issues, although the 6th never ended up published. 

Role: Creative Director, Designer, Front End developer, Art Director, Producer

Year: 2016 - 2017

Press & Mentions


AV Club

The Verge

I was also asked to curate a cyber-exhibition for the Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland, Ca.

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Contributers include: Brandon Wardell, Daniel Zender, Seinfeld2000, Aled Lewis, Naomi Zechner, Sally Thurer, Molly Soda, Mykki Blanco, Art Baby Girl, Zack Cowie,  Jess Rotter.

Production Team: Naomi Mezenedes, Phil Cho, Mike Allen, Jon Chen, Tony Ngo, Cat Frazier, Kate Proulx, Andrew Violino

Role: Lead Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Front End, Lead Producer, Copy

Year: 2016 - 2017